Your Data

Your data is important and does its best to keep it safe.

What we have,
Anything provided in a form.
Username and hashed password.

All moderators (and the admin) will have full and complete access to see all the information of your clock including the name, ID, URL ext… Once your clock runs out, a new 5-day timer will start, and after that, it will be removed completely. The short URL also will be removed.

URL Shortener,
If you use the short URL for your clock, we also will get the device used, City, Country, and How you found the link (On Twitter, email, direct ext.) The URL Shortener is powered by Premium URL Shortener.

Web analytics
This is has Google Analytics installed on it.
Google collects –

More info –
I am starting to move to in-hose analytics (Self-hosted). I will update here. [Updated on 21] is NOT a company, it’s just a website.
I do not and cannot identify users and for the limited info I have, I don’t sell it to anyone.