You no longer need a domain badge to upload a video. Now, all that’s required is a confirmed email address and a verified countdown page. The pricing remains at $10 per video. Please note that the video integration feature is still under development. Once it’s ready, I will update the page where you can request a license key for video uploads.

License keys are priced at $10 and are good for one video upload. You can add more videos for an additional $10 per video. Keep in mind that license keys are non-refundable. If you upload a video and then remove it, you will not get a credit back. If you dispute the charge or initiate a chargeback, your entire account will be deleted without warning.

Payment Options:

  • Bitcoin: $8 per video (a $2 discount)
  • PayPal: $10 per video
  • Testing: $0, for 2 Videos

To get started, please send me an email.

What type of key do I have?
Standard key: Corp-000-00AA-AAAA-0000-A0A0 ($10/video up to 10 videos)
Bulk key: Ent-000-00AA-AAAA-0000-A0A0-0000-AAAA (Bulk price + $40/mo)
NPO key: NPO-000-AA00-ORG-NAME (Free – up to 10 videos)

Bulk Pricing (Requires an additional $40/month for bandwidth):

    • 100-150 videos: $9.50 per video
    • 151-200 videos: $9 per video
    • 201-250 videos: $9.50 per video
    • 251-500 videos: $8 per video
    • 501 or more videos: $5 per video