I’m excited to share a small but significant update that enhances your experience on countdown.page. You’ve likely noticed the buttons located at the bottom of your page. These buttons have been a part of the sites design, offering additional functionalities and options. 

However, I understand that sometimes you might prefer a cleaner look without these buttons. That’s why I’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to hide these buttons. 

How does it work? It’s simple! To hide the buttons, all you need to do is add /hideInfo to the end of the URL. For instance, if you’re using the sample page, just change the URL to countdown.page/sample/hideInfo. This small change will remove the buttons from the bottom of the page, giving you a more streamlined and distraction-free view. 

Please note that if your page is using Custom Countdown Free, this will not remove the ad. To hide it, you will still need to upgrade, which currently costs $4 USD.